Where Have I Been?

Well…a lot has happened in my life since my last post!  I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I posted on my site.  This past year was like a roller coaster.  A lot of ups and downs along the way to where I am now.  I have spent this past year focusing on school.  First there was high school, then early graduation and starting college a semester early, then a hectic summer of work, vacations, and starting over.  I even turned down a chance to work in Nashville.  It was a risk that I was not able to take at that time in my life.

This fall it was back to school and still taking a break from singing.  After this semester, the break is OVER!  It’s time to focus on it again.  It is something that I have really missed in my life and need to get back to.  Hoping I will have more to post in the up and coming months.

View Graduation “Crazy Dreams”

Singing at High School Graduation




Recently I had posted that “I was nominated for a Grammy!” However, this information was misleading.  What has actually occurred was that I was nominated for the first ballot and not the actual Grammy.  I apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred if you had read the previous post (which has been removed to prevent any further misunderstandings).

Radio Play


I received notice from Joey Welz that 2 of my songs are being played on 2 different radio stations.  They are KMDA Radio in MO and Tuneville Radio in AZ.

Artist Promotion


Working with Canadian-American Records for Artist Promotion!  We recently remastered Fly Away with You in order to prepare it for Radio Release!


AirPlay Direct


I just added an account with AirPlay Direct.  If you are a listener, you can find me at http://airplaydirect.com/music/karimay/.



I was selected by Skopemag.com as one of their Artists to Watch!  You can check it out by clicking HERE.  Once you’re at the Webpage, you’ll need to scroll down.  I’m about 1/2 of the way down.

Cornerstone Coffeehouse Performance


Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night.  What a great time with family, friends, and fans!  A special thanks to my jamin’ guitarist, Andy Alonso and my rockin’ percussionist, Andrew Alonso.

Change of Venue: Cornerstone Coffeehouse


There was a change in venue for the MMC15…I will be playing at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse now. It’s located at 2133 Market St. in Camphill..  Saturday, February 19 at 9:45pm.  Hope to see you there.  Great time today at the Conference!

MMC 15


Come out and support me at the Bridges Lounge in the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel on February 19, at 9:30pm.  I’ll be performing during the Milennium Music Conference with back-up guitarist Andy Alonso.


SingerUniverse Magazine



SingerUniverse Magazine recently selected me as one of their Top Five Vocalists for Apple of My Seed.  If you’d like to check it out, click here, and then scroll down to find me. 

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